The Sr. cattlevacbox protects your vaccine no matter if you work in a pen or out in the field. It has 3 slots for your vaccine syringes/guns that allow access to them without opening the vaccine side of the box. keeping them out of the sun and dirt. Comes with a separated compartment under the slots, to dispose of used needles into a sharps container. Just remove your used needles and drop them into a slot, then dispose of them properly.  Features a removable barrier screen that protects the user from exposed needles when vaccinating . 


It has a specially designed removable  tray to hold and sort up to three different kinds of meds and their injection/transfer needles. Under the tray is room for ice packs and more meds. With its heavy insulation and easy to carry handles the Sr. CATTLEVACBOX is the ultimate ALL IN ONE VACCINATION STATION.

 It measures 69cm x 43cm x 43cm and weighs 11kg