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We have partnered with the creator of the CATTLEVACBOX in the U.S.A to bring this product to Australia “EXCLUSIVELY” ourselves, making it more affordable and easier for us Aussies.... We did the Leg work and worked directly with the manufacturer in the U.S and brought these products to THE LAND DOWN UNDER  in bulk so that customers did not have to worry about high shipping and handling fees, high brokerage fees or have to pay high rates on currency exchange.

We ourselves are cattlemen and cattlewomen and know how important it is to keep our vaccines safe, stored at the proper temp, especially in Australia on extreme Summer days! As well as keeping needles safely stored so accidents don't happen.

These Boxes will become a staple piece of equipment for any livestock owner, station operator, Feedlot operator or Veterinarian.

They are also suitable and work great for all other livestock producers, be it sheep, pigs, horse's, goats ect...

Vaccine's and Drugs are expensive and can be Dangerous if handled improperly.

The ergonomic design and functionality together with the HIGH QUALITY of the CATTLEVACBOX makes it simply a must have for anyone working with livestock!!!

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. We will refund your purchase amount minus the return shipping costs. 


Product Information

CATTLEVACBOX is a High quality USA made and owned product, that has extended to Canada  and now Australia.

 The cattlevacbox is a cooler/esky container designed for livestock/animal  vaccinating.

It is designed to keep vaccines cool and out of direct sunlight whilst processing your livestock/herd- As vaccines become ineffective/Dangerous if spent too long in high temperatures. 

To achieve this the Box comes heavily insulated with rubber seals on the lids for added insulation. The Box is split into two compartments , featuring a dual lid with a removable barrier screen.

The left side has a specially designed removable tray to hold vaccines/meds etc, with room under the tray for more vaccines and ice packs. 

The right side of the box has 2-3 slots (depends on the model) in the Lid to hold your vaccine/drench guns, (with plugs available when not in use) making them ready in hand and safely stored between shots.(out of the dirt and sunlight)


Underneath the Right side lid is room for a sharps container- to drop used needles directly down the holes into the container without ever having to open the lid, making your vaccine operation a safer one.

With the barrier between the two sides, this makes it easier to access your vaccines without becoming exposed to used needles While still holding up the integrity of the insulation during use.

With this design CATTLEVACBOX is the ultimate "ALL IN ONE  VACCINATION STATION " 

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Introduction to the CATTLEVACBOX